School-Handover Ceremony

by October 2014, the following events and milestones were rolled up under the project in  Eleko communities:

On the 22nd of October 2014, the Educational Co-operation Society acting jointly with community leaders, handed over a completed primary school building, at Fazil Omar Ahmadiyya Primary School Idado to the local communities of Eleko, Badore, Idado, Igando and Debojo, parents, teachers and pupils. The keys to the new infrastructure was received on their behalf by the Chairman of the Ibeju-Lekki Local Govenment Authority, Alhaji Kemi Surakat and his Education Secretary for the Local Government.

The improvement of school infrastructure was a major item in the community concerted strategic action plan, drawn up at their planning event. Working jointly in the development of the school infrastructure, the community leaders were helped to overcome their local differences and work towards an identified common good. It is hoped that the learned procedure will be applied in their future community efforts. The funding for the project was from Diputación de Bizkaia through the Asociacón Zabalketa.

Community Leadership Training  and Inauguration of the CDF

A community leaders training was conducted for community leaders of Eleko Badore, Igando Idado and Debojo all together at the Akodo Resort in Ibeju-Lekki. It was taken by the Enterprise Development Services (EDC) of the Pan-Atlantic University, on behalf of the Educational Co-operation Society. It was geared towards enhancement of leadership aptitudes in community leaders, so that they lead better, and come to use the already existing local communal processes innovatively to further endogenous development and equity in their communities.


A Community Development Forum (CDF) composed of five leaders (men & women) elected from each of the participating communities, was inaugurated at the end of the training. This CDF will work to guarantee a continuity of project objectives at the end of the implementation period.

Teacher Training

To ensure effective civic and environmental studies in schools, teacher training sessions were carried out for teachers proceeding from various primary schools of Ibeju-Lekki Local government Area. The goal was to make about 80% of the participating teachers proficient in transmitting civic, gender and environmental values to pupils at primary school levels. To further make this objective achievable, the Educational Co-operation Society edited and published a Civic and Environmental Studies Curriculum book for use of teachers, and separate workbooks for use of pupils at the different levels of primary education. The school teachers and pupils were unable to contain their excitement on distribution of these texts to them in their schools. The teacher training activity is still on-going and

An update on Eleko Project (March 2014)

Over the past two months, through Community T.O.P sessions conducted by the ECS, community members have been sensitized to the importance of proper participative planning in order to achieve their objectives. They have engaged in discussions on more effective ways of mustering for meetings, resolving conflicts, and volunteering as part of contributing to their communities’ development among others.

Teacher Training sessions were also held to educate teachers about Civic education, which they will teach to pupils to help them develop positively in character, to become productive members of their communities.

Community members and teachers were also clued-in on practices that will help to create and sustain a healthy environment for themselves.

project update