About Eleko Project

Eleko project is a project of the Educational Co-operation Society (ECS) aimed at recuperating the space of civil society in the rural areas of Nigeria.

This is designed to be realized by fostering concerted community processes for social development and equity in Eleko, Badore and Idado communities along with Debojo and Igando adjoining communities.

At the end of the project:

•It is expected that the public schools in Eleko communities and Ibeju-Lekki L.G.A would have incorporated civic studies in their official curriculum for public primary schools

•It is also expected that the communities would have formulated and executed two proposals for community development, which would capture the priorities of the community, and one of such must have been prioritized by women in the community.

•It is also expected that the Community Development Forum (CDF) formed by the community leaders would have approved a 3-year Action Plan which would have objectives and indicators, and must represent the interest of the whole population, to be endorsed by at least 2/3 of the women in the CDF.